Miami Real Estate and attorneys

When you choose a Miami Realtor you should be very thorough at investigating their work ethic and track record.  The same applies to Miami attorneys.  We, as Realtors, have dealt with 2 types of attorneys in our Miami Real estate transactions.  Those attorneys that deal with estates and those attorneys that deal with real estate transactions.  Because these are different specialties within the real estate arena – it doesn’t necessarily mean that your Estate Attorney will be proficient with real estate closings and transaction management and vise versa, although it is possible to find an attorney that can deal with both aspects efficiently.

Here at Miamism we like to inform our readers of possible road blocks you may encounter with your miami real estate transaction.   attorneys_shadow.jpg

  • If you have inherited a property in Miami, make sure to interview several attorneys about dealing with the estate and court approval – there are plenty of attorneys that will convince you that the process is long and painful where others will be able to prove that with efficient planning, a court approval can be obtained quickly and without problems.
  • Pricing is another issue.  Our customers come to us and ask if their attorney is charging them too much.  The reality is that we are not attorneys and the best way to find out is to get a couple of estimates, as you would with anything else.
  • If you decide to have the same attorney handle the estate and closing – make sure your Realtor knows this, that way both parties can communicate all the steps of the transaction without missing any crucial information.
  • Communication is key with any real estate transaction – make sure your attorney comes recommended and is good about communicating and returning phone calls.  Time is of the essence when dealing with real estate transactions, especially with challenging transactions.  Missing a deadline can mean loosing a deposit or a sale.

Attorneys, like other professionals, handle their business differently.  Some are aggressive and on top of the game, some others just sit back and wait for things to happen, others are go-getters and detail oriented and will not miss a beat.  Each Miami real estate transaction is different and you need to study your options and make sure the attorney you choose will represent your best interest.  Your Miami Realtor may also recommend an attorney that they have worked well with in the past, while you are interviewing, ask your Realtor for their opinion.

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