Miami Residents are HOT according to on-line poll

According to the latest on-line poll by Travel + Leisure where 125,000 people were asked to rate cities in the US – Miami Residents scored number 1 in the most attractive category!  Did you have any doubts?  : )

No wonder why Miami Beach Real Estate is still a top destination!  People from all over the world relocate to Miami to either be surrounded by beauty, or to be part of it.

Miami ranked number 1 for most attractive people, number 2 for most stylish, number 3 for wild weekend and best weather but they dissed us with the second to last place in intelligence – OUCH!!  (Only behind Las Vegas and ahead of our Los Angeles friends).

Miamians win the title for America‘s most attractive people, and second place for their stylishness. Visitors also noted the city’s good weather (No. 3), but it’s not the spot to see historic sites and monuments (No. 23).

Funny is how each city is ranked by visitors and residents and some opinions are so out there!  Visitors ranked Miami number 4 in the Late-night/club scene while residents ranked the same category number 2…..I guess there should have also been a category for egocentric.  Take a loot at the rankings.

Check out also the City Guide – which tells you what to do, where to stay and where to eat in Miami. (Including places like The Biltmore, Genius Jones and Garcia’s Seafood Grill and Fish Market).

Thank you Shailesh Ghimire, Arizona Mortgage Guru, for the heads up on the Reuter’s Article.

Miami Residents are HOT according to on-line poll

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