Miami Shores Car Wash to help little girl

daisy.jpgPeople never seize to amaze me.  A 10 year old girl from Miami Shores was recently diagnosed with Alopecia which causes total hair loss.

So all of a sudden you see the community getting together to organize events to help the family with the expenses.  Last week, one of the girl scout troops of St. Rose of Lima School organized a garage sale, and this week 2 moms (Viv Yao and Barb Maddox) have organized a car wash.

Who said Miami Shores is not a great community!!

Don’t miss the CAR WASH!!

When:  Saturday, November 3rd between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM

Where:  Biscayne Boulevard and 90th Street (next to Blockbuster Video)

UPDATE:  I took my boys to the car wash with the intention of dropping them off to help and what I saw was amazing.  Everyone was helping, from little kids to adults.  So of course I got down and dirty with everyone else to help.  It wasn’t only people from St. Rose of Lima either, it was the community.  There must have been hundreds of cars washed and wanted to share a few pictures.

cw1.jpg cw2.jpg

cw3.jpg cw4.jpg

cw5.jpg cw6.jpg


There is no doubt in my mind that Miami Shores is a great place.  When adversity hits, people collaborate and make a difference.

Barb and Viv… guys are awesome!

**SECOND UPDATE** Over $3,000 were raised !!  Pretty amazing!  I think everyone involved should pat themselves on the back….and to think that this will put a smile on a child.  CONGRATULATIONS!

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