Miami Shores Village News – June 2011

Miami Shores City Council member, Jesse Walters, has given us permission to publish his latest e-mail update in order to keep our readers informed. For those of us that can’t make council meetings (or simply don’t want to go), it’s great to at least get snippets of what’s being decided in our village. We thank Jesse for his willingness to share!

Good evening to all!

I wanted to give you a brief report on my first two months in office as one of your Village Councilman.  Here are a few things I have voted for:

1. In keeping with my pledge to identify ten residents of color, or, who are female or G/L/B/T, I am happy to say that I voted to confirm Herta Holly to the board of Doctors Charter School, and Yates Fulbright as the representative for the Miami Shores Village People on the Community Task Force.  Thanks to both for their volunteer leadership!

2. New street signage was approved at no cost for 96th. Street from bay to our western border.  In other matters affecting our downtown, new parking signs were installed on NE 2nd. Avenue that more clearly indicate that parking is allowed 95% of the time, and I voted to approve the creation of 22 more parking spaces at 160 NE 99th. Street, as requested by the Playground Theater’s landlord.

3. I voted to end the exemption on payment of sales tax on utility bills for religious schools in the Shores.

4. Finally, I voted to approve the plan to separate our household waste from yard waste.  The yard waste will now go exclusively to the county’s composting facility!  This is not only a green initiative, but saves us money too!  Thanks to resident Bob Domlesky for his guidance on matters like this.  I also voted to approve hybrid roofs, that include a component for the installation of solar panels.

I welcome your feedback!  Call or e-mail me anytime!

Jesse Walters, Member


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