Miami’s Upper East Side

Of course this area needed a catchy name and it is not at all unlike Manhattan’s Upper East side…..well maybe it is.  But the whole concept of this area is very similar to what happened to South Beach years ago.  Some people began refurbishing old buildings, the city came in with improvements and BAM!  That’s when it all got started.

Miami’s Upper East side is now going through those dreaded road improvements, which will affect many local businesses, but the project is expected to be finished before the year is over.  The city improvements include roads, new drainage, new sidewalks, new street lights, traffic signals and landscaping.

So what encompasses the Upper East Side?  You have 2 historic districts:  Bayside and Morningside, the very esteemed Bay Point (don’t even try to go through the guardgate if you don’t have any business in there), Bell Meade, Shorecrest, Davis Harbor and Magnolia Park – all of these adjacent to the Biscayne Corridor from I-195 all the way to Miami Shores.

Roughly 10 years ago I would not be caught dead driving through that area at night, the motels along the Biscayne Corridor were known for drug deals and prostitution, the home owners in the area were beyond brave and would set curfews for themselves for safety.  Today it is a totally different picture.  A lot of the motels have been converted into strip shops and offices, some others torn down.  There are great restaurants and small businesses including boutiques, gourmet stores, beauty salons, and more.  Although you do see the occasional site, it won’t be long until all the “clandestine activity” will be gone.

The Upper East Side’s real estate is very diverse – The Biscayne Corridor is flanked mostly by commercial buildings, motels and some mixed-used buildings.  East of Biscayne Boulevard you will find residential areas with dry lots as well as waterfront properties.  These properties will vary from historic luxury mansions to modest single-family homes.  West of Biscayne Boulevard you will find a lot of multi-family housing and warehouses along the rail-road tracks.

One great project that comes to mind when I think of The Upper East Side is KUBIK – it is currently in pre-construction and it is upscale loft-style condos by LAB Group developers. Never got built, but something else is being planned in its place.


Great restaurants in the area include:  Soyka’s, Uva 69 and Andiamo’s, to name a few.  You also have day spas like Medhur (who has the best Spa Pedicure you can imagine!), and national chains like Starbucks, Quiznos and Subway.

Upper East Side is just like its name, a chic place in Miami to live, play and have fun.  For more information about Miami’s Upper East Side, please contact RICK & INES at info@Miamism.com

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