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Encounters with barracuda is all but uncommon in Miami Beach – these ugly, scary and fierce looking fish have a bad reputation and didn’t even know they were edible (eeuu) – According to MigRodz,

This fisherman caught a barracuda and almost fell in the dangerous rocks to get it out of the water. Due to its size I believe it was not safe for human consumption however, he placed the stinky fish in his cooler and took off

….another Miamism !!

MigRodz has become one of our fave Miamism photographers – don’t forget to check out his Flickr Photostream!

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6 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. Up here in north 954, I regularly snorkel the rock croppings at Deerfield Beach, my fav beach because it is closest to my casa.

    Spotting cuda is so common, I am disappointed on a day when I don’t see one or two or more!

    That said, I dont have the luxury of seeing one on such clear display when I am in the ocean wearing my mask.

    Great shot! It’s so sleek and shiny! Thnks to Miamism & the photographer.

    Never saw a pic of our beautiful SOFLA Atlantic ocean I didn’t like!

  2. Thank you for your perspective Keith – funny enough, we are divers/snorkelers and see cuda inside the water all the time as well. We recently swam through a school of them and my kids don’t even get nervous anymore (I personally love the adrenaline rush when I see one following me inside the water not loosing site of me).

    They are scary looking though 🙂

  3. M(r)s. Miamism, Scary is floating eight feet above nurse shark sleeping on sandy bottom in Key Largo’s Pennekamp reef.

    The shark is the size of the state of Delaware(at least eight feet)!!

  4. Not a nurse shark keith! they are the most gentle creatures!! we have footage of the kids petting them

  5. OK, but u always have 2 b cautious around all sharks, they can be unpredictable. For example, you would never know if the shark you are petting had an argument with its spouse earlier in the day! Or mayb its fantasy football team lost the previous day!

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