Miamism Fridays


Lambo Miami Beach

Carlos did it again! This time featuring Miami Beach Real Estate at its best or is it the lambo that he’s featuring with Miami Beach Art Deco architecture in the background? …another MIAMISM!! Take a look at Carlos’ work at (and thanks for sharing….you know I’m one of your biggest fans) ** Here at Miamism we love to post your Miami Photos.  If you have a shot you want to share please join the Miamism Group at – or you can e-mail the photos directly to us at ** EDIT NOTE:  for those of you who clicked on this post earlier and were taken to the wrong website – my sincerest apologies – link has been corrected.

4 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. A site to see in Miami.. orange lambos! I’ve also seen Carlos’ site and there are some great pics! that dude has talent!

    This photo makes me want to ditch work and head south,. like to Wet Willies on Ocean and 10th. yeah baby!

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