do not molest alligators

Miamism Fridays

We do see all kinds of crazy signs in Miami and Miami Beach that become “normal” to us: “Manatee Zone”, “Do not feed the alligators”, “watch for rip currents”, “Man-of-war Warning” – but this sign had us rolling on the floor laughing. Rick took it while camping with the boys at Jonathon Dickenson Park.

… another MIAMISM!!

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6 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. I guess we’ve all become accustomed to the sexual deviant connotations that have attached themselves to the word. But if we think about it, in Spanish we use that word all the time in its genuine form. No molestes tanto!

    It IS a funny sign. Poor little alligators.

    Happy Holidays Ines!

  2. So, what do these poor depraved souls do when they can’t get their hands on a gator, suck on a big black leather boot??

    Sorry, but that one just HAD to come out…

  3. Thank god for the sign…I’m sure there are a ton of people tempted to MOLEST alligators. Welcome to FLORIDA – full of MORONS!

  4. Deja de molestar Maggie!!

    You are right about the connotations of a particular word – rick and I were talking about “molestar” yesterday. You have to admit that even “enticing” is a funny word to use when talking about alligators though. Yesterday we visited The Everglades Alligator Farm and a little girl (about 5 years old) fell off the dock after getting off an airboat. Thank God they pulled her out of the muck quickly….but wouldn’t that be considered “enticing”?? 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you my friend!

    LOL @ Valerie! 🙂

    Jim….you are starting the year with a killer sense of humor – you have had me laughing for days now! 🙂

    Mariana, good try….I’m starting to think that these signs are erected for those “curious tourists” that may not know better! 🙂

    Meredith – I swear you make me crack up every time!! “Welcome to FLORIDA – full of MORONS!”

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