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This photograph defines why I love Miami so much – I don’t know if it’s the colors, the ocean, the lifeguard….or the combination of everything but Christophe Le Canne did an amazing job of capturing a true Miami Feeling.

…another MIAMISM!! Please take a look a Christophe’s photos on Flickr – aka CromagnondePeyrignac Here’s his description of this pic:

Red + Purple Flags : Rip currents + Dangerous marine life (sharks..) Miami Beach, Florida Dec 2008

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3 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. Such a cool feature. I really enjoyed your talk at Inman to us Weeblo-Bloggers. In fact from that seminar I have begun a wholesale refacing of my blog, starting with the name and moving on down. I never thought about implementing photographs in my spehere of influence outreach, but you and the rest of the speakers have really opened my eyes. Thanks!

    Rich Epstein

  2. chris – I totally agree and that lifeguard! I LOVE MIAMI!

    Rich – thanks so much for your compliments and for coming here and acknowledging your awakening….It’s good to know that some people are listening.

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