Miamism Fridays

I keep teasing our Northern friends with South Beach shots with sun-bathers on warm white sands, calm oceans and blue skies…..but who wouldn’t?

…. another MIAMISM !!

This particular Miami Beach photograph was taken by Trudi Lehnhardt (aka kokkofish on Flickr), who describes herself as.

A German native who has been living in Austin, Texas for longer than I’d like to admit. I love to travel, and when traveling to cities, I just love to meander through the streets, look at the architecture, and soak up the atmosphere of a place. I like to alternate my vacations between big cities and beaches, and especially like to go to places that have both. My dream is to live at or near a beach some day.

Based on her amazing shots of Miami – I humbly suggest that Trudi moves to Miami 🙂 ** Here at Miamism we love to post your Miami Photos. If you have a shot you want to share please join the Miamism Group at – or you can e-mail the photos directly to us at *

8 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. I love these pictures.. especially if they were closer up of the topless girls, but this will do! 🙂

    btw, love the new layout of Miamism.. its rockin’!

  2. Jack – the cruel side of me loves to do this to those of you that are fighting with snow 🙂

    Nicky Mississippi – I’m surprised at you!!! there is a topless girl in the pic…can’t believe you missed her

  3. Oh C’mon Ines. It’s warm and sunny here in Northern Michigan today too. Got up to 34. Besides, at least we have SEASONS, not just boring old sunshine and warm all year long.

  4. Look at it this way Moni – the snow and sand are both white (there is some similarity)

    Matt – oh right – boring blue skies and HOT bodies on warm sandy beaches drinking mojitos with not a worry on their mind…right! 😉

  5. That is just so wrong. Even here in Las Vegas its raining today, although it isn’t that cold outside at all. But I’ll take the cooler weather for as long as I can!

  6. It’s not wrong Charles – it’s called Miami is Awesome and I know it! 🙂

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