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The Lighthouse at Key Biscayne is one of Miami Beach‘s landmarks – there are so many shots of it from every which perspective (I’m guilty of taking many of those as well) – but this photo by Mike Steighner (aka photomike07 on Flickr) makes you feel like you are in a different world.  It’s an infrared shot! a kind of tribute to snowy pine trees from up North.

Mike is the owner and lighting designer for a special event lighting and production company called Hy-lite Productions, Inc. …..wouldn’t expect anything other than special light from his Miami photos.  Also love his commentary:

Upon arrival to this location, on a Sunday mind you, I was a little disappointed by the crowds of people. What should I expect on a Sunday…..right? Looking for a clear shot became a recurring disappointment, except for on my way out. As I looked over my shoulder at the canopy of palms, I decided to stop. I held the camera to my eye, tilted up, and bingo….no people!

…. another MIAMISM !!

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13 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. The lighthouse is beautiful but it is, as you mention, on Key Biscayne which is a completely different island than Miami Beach- even a different zip code.


  2. Thank you Suzy, the reference to Miami Beach is my own way of letting readers know where my blog comes from. Did you know that Miami Beach has several zip codes anyhow?

  3. At the time it was Bary College in Miami Shores. It was then an all girls Catholic college. Now it is co-ed and is Barry University. Then a brief period at Grad School at University of Miami. I loved it there!

  4. Funny! I live in Miami Shores and have a few Barry University Professor Clients and my bachelors in architecture is from The University of Miami (small world)

  5. Yes Ines, I do. Born and raised in this town but I lived on Key Biscayne for 22 years so I fancy it most. Key Biscayne is referred to as Paradise Found, and it is because it’s unlike Miami or Miami Beach! 😀

  6. Nothing like getting a local’s perspective, thank you Suzy (oh…and will begin doing a daily trip to Key Biscayne since my son will start high school at MAST Academy -looking forward to it)

  7. Hi Irene – I think it’s the photographer (not so much the camera) 🙂

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