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I am so excited to introduce you to Claudio Lovo‘s work today.  I first met Claudio on Brightkite while geo-tagging our location around Miami – later connected on Facebook and Twitter and realized that this guy is out of this world!!  His surrealist art is so Miami and so Dali at the same time….and makes buildings acquire a Gaudi-like sculptural quality to them.   I love the fact that you can recognize the Miami Landscape from his work but at the same time the art takes you to some surreal place.

….another Miamism !!

Make sure you read  The Examiner’s “Claudio Lovo melts South Beach” – and take a look at Claudio Lovo’s official website complete with virtual gallery and all.

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2 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays

  1. Love the diversity of the site!! As I like to say “juxtapose this:” last Friday, bikini girl with budankadank and this Friday surrealistic photography…which is the high art? hhhmmmm [stroking his imaginary beard]

  2. Hi Curtis – thank you for the props – it’s all about spreading our social influence to help others and keep it fun at the same time. I can actually picture you with a beard….funny no?

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