Miamism Fridays – Art Deco

Architecturally speaking, Miami stands out for the largest collection of Art Deco Buildings worldwide!  The Art Deco District, found in South Beach will give you hours and hours of visual pleasure, (if you’re into that).   The Colony Hotel is often featured as one of the great examples of Miami Beach Art Deco and this photo by David Thompson demonstrates why.

….another Miamism !!

There’s something very sexy about those streamline details and I encourage you to visit David Thompson’s Blog, Art Deco Buildings, Look up for inspiration and beauty.  If you’re into Art Deco, you may want to ask David about the book on his website, “Melbourne Art Deco” …

In Melbourne Art Deco, Robin Grow, President of the Art Deco & Modernism Society, examines the rise, fall and resurgence of Art Deco in Melbourne from the 1930s to the present day. With contemporary images by David Thompson and a team of photographers, supported by archival material, Melbourne Art Deco offers an invaluable insight into history and current state of one of the city’s most popular styles.

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