Miamism Fridays – Back To School

As a tribute to the way my kids feel about going back to school, I decided to share this amazing capture by Diego Quiros (dkeros on Flickr).  Although I feel the total opposite… it’s great to see the energy in Miami change when schools start – from traffic patterns to shopping establishments.

About the photo:  If you are not familiar with Coral Gables’ entrances, you should be.  Conceptualized by Merrick when developing Coral Gables as entrances to The City Beautiful – with old Spanish Mediterranean theme in mind, to welcome you to his world. 

This photo was taken by Diego at Granada Entrance.

….another Miamism !!

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*published 8/20/2010

2 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays – Back To School

  1. LOL. I have a toddler who just started pre-school. About the only thing missing from the picture you posted in the stream of tears gushing out.

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