Miamism Fridays – the beginning

You can blame this collage on Curbed Miami for posting those nostalgic photos of bygone Miami.  It made me go back and look at our first Miamism Fridays from 2007 and realize things have definitely changed, but are also very much the same.

Our Miamism Fridays series started as an “only in Miami” feature or “Miamisms” (Miami’s Way of Life). 

At first, we would take our own candid photos all over Miami but it magically evolved when people asked to be featured. Miamism Fridays became about everyone’s perspective, not just our own.

Although we don’t post Miamism Friday’s as we used to, you are still welcome to share your “only in Miami” shots with us and we’ll be happy to post them, with full credit and link love, of course. Have an amazing weekend everyone! ….another Miamism !!


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