Miamism Fridays – Evocative Reflections

Photos like this one, by Ivan Peña evoke feelings that are beyond comprehension.  It was taken at Tropical Park in Miami and something about the colors and  textures bring opposing feelings of serenity and angst.  It reminds me that we are almost at the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  For this Miamism, I want to guide you to a powerful article written by a dear colleague and friend in Washington.  Heather Elias says,

Is it naive to ask you to reflect on how you treated your fellow man on September 12th? I think that the legacy from this tragedy is the opportunity to return to the Golden Rule, to simply doing the right thing, putting others first. Having patience and remembering what is most important.  If September 11th doesn’t remind you every year how very fragile and short life is, you need to stop and consider how many people were just gone in that instant.

Please take a moment to read through Heather’s article and look through toro66’s amazing evocative photos.  Let’s bring our hearts together and pay homage.

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