Miamism Fridays – LeBron James

Oh yeah!  Never in a million years would anyone think that LeBron James would become a MIAMISM!!  but here we have it!  Talk about a HEAT wave… or can we call it a HEAT Trifecta?
….another Miamism !!
Awesome shot by Keith Allison, sports photographer who I’m sure didn’t think LeBron would end up in Miami – Woooo Hooo! ** Here at Miamism we love to post your Miami Photos. If you have a shot you want to share please join the Miamism Group at – or you can e-mail the photos directly to us at *

7 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays – LeBron James

  1. Lebron James once called the King has now become the black sheep of the family. The city of Cleavland pinned all of their hopes and dreams on Lebron, who simply wants to win a championship. Looking at the Cleavland Caviler’s roster, Lebron didn’t have much of a choice if he wanted to get back to the finals. The Celtics dropped Cleavland in five games. Orlando beat the Cavilers last year to go to the finals against the Lakers. Given that there was no improvement in the teams roster, he really stood no chance of getting better any time soon. So in a word, I give Lebron a pass on his choice to leave the Cavilers for South Beach.

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