Miamism Fridays – sharing the Mojito Mojo

Time to change it up a bit – this week we are not sharing our classic “Miamism Fridays” that you have grown accustomed to – but sharing 2 awesome Mojito videos sent from friends across the US.

The first is from Fran White, all the way from Kansas City!  You have to check out her Kansas City Real Estate Blog – Fran has a great sense of humor and has become a dear Facebook friend who I hope to meet  IRL very soon <—that’s “in real life” for those of you who are internet lingo challenged.

My favorite thing about this video is the way Fran says “Mojito” – who said Mid-Westerners can’t do the sexy Latin accent thing?  (can someone please tell Fran’s husband to muddle the mint?)

The second video totally blows my mind because it was done very impromptu and I love the concept so much that I may have to adopt it here at Miamism.  Thanks to San Francisco’s own Derek Overbey (aka @doverbey on Twitter) for putting it together.  It was shot this past January in New York during Inman Connect’s Conference and featured in the vid are:  yours truly, my British cousin Anna Hegedus, Jeff Turner, Derek Overbey and Jeff’s cousin, John Turner….please take note of the diversity of mojito accents (music to my ears).


Thank you so much Fran and Derek for going out of your way to make me smile.  You both rock!

4 thoughts on “Miamism Fridays – sharing the Mojito Mojo

  1. You are so awesome Ines. I had forgot I had those on my Flip and was so glad I was able to put them together. Keep up the great Mojito work and I will see you in August!


  2. You are the awesome one Derek – thanks for putting it together…..the red glow is just too cool. (don’t think I’ll be going to Inman in August, but I’m sure I’ll catch up with you soon)

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