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Miamism Fridays: Sun-Kissed Winters

In the spirit of waking up to low 60-degree weather this week and seeing half the city in winter gear, sweaters and leather, I decided to play with ChatGPT and a fun poem to bring some humor to our “cold” weather situation.

In Miami, where cold snaps are rare, fleeting guests,
Just a few days a year, we pull out our warm vests.

While our northern friends are buried in snow,
We marvel at skies that warmly glow.

“Freezing” at sixty, we bundle in layers,
A sight that to outsiders seems like players.

But let’s be honest, it’s part of the charm,
In a city where the sun always warms.

Our “winter” is brief, a mere blip in time,
A chance to wear boots, and feel the sublime.

But soon we’re back to our usual state,
Where bright skies and sunshine are our fate.

So here’s to Miami, with its brief cold spells,
A paradise where warmth always dwells.

While the north shivers under a snowy dome,
Our sun-kissed city is the best escape home.

So come visit us, escape your snow,
To our paradise where warm breezes blow.

Miami beckons with open arms wide,
Where sunshine and laughter coincide.

Forget the cold, leave your shovels behind,
In our city, only sunshine you’ll find.

Our paradise is always waiting, it’s true,
Miami’s warm embrace is here for you.

**article idea and outline completed with the help of ChatGPT. Written, edited and composed by a real miamism human. Image created with help of  ChatGPT and edited by a miamism human.

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