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Miamism has a new mobile phone blog

What in the world is a mobile phone blog?? For those of us who are “hooked” on our blogs, it’s an easy way to take photos of what we see with our phones and post them directly into a blog. You could say it’s my own photo diary of Miami, with not much commentary, just pictures and more pictures.

Don’t ask me why I’m so excited about this, but I really think it will serve as a great continuation of our Miamism Fridays series. I love to take pictures and Miami is such a beautiful city full of such great and sometimes crazy things, that now I will capture them for you to share the moment with me.

The way it works is that I e-mail a photo from my cell phone into my Flicks account and it sends it to our MiamismPix blog – that simple!

Take a look at some other Mobile Phone Blogs around the country – you will also find these on MiamismPix’s Blogroll.

Please keep in mind that Miamism Pix is an impromptu Blog and I shoot as I go – no premeditation and no planning of any kind. Let me know what you think.

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