Miamism Holiday Fun – Enchanted Forest

This has to be one of the most magnificent Christmas Lights displays in South Florida. We’re not talking “Santa’s Enchanted Forest” either, we’re talking about a residential street in North Miami that will blow your mind away. And thanks to Steve Green (aka @stevegogreen on Twitter), he was awesome enough to film the experience for us to share with you.  Merry Christmas!!

Enchanted Forest Christmas Light Display

1 thought on “Miamism Holiday Fun – Enchanted Forest

  1. Thanks, Mrs. Miamism;

    Living in a gated community 99% Jewish, I dont get the chance to see many holiday light displays, which I miss seeing.

    And it’s always odd to me to see people in SoFla walking the street in short sleeves, when up north there would be snow on the ground and people, brrrr, bundled in skiing parkas and snow boots!

    Thanks for helping spread the holiday cheer.

    Happy New Year to the Miamism family and friends alike,

    Your Jewish North Browardian

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