Miamism Video – a Miami Beach Real Estate Perspective

We are happy and honored to unveil our first Miamism Video giving you a glimpse of the Miami Beach Lifestyle through our daily real estate perspective.  Our goal is to offer our readers a series of videos that depicts Miami Beach, what makes this city magical and Miamisms that have come to be part of our daily life.

Miami Beach Real Estate is unique and sexy and its lifestyle is at your fingertips with the help of Team Miamism.

The video will be featured on the right column of the Blog, making it easy to access and share.  Enjoy! (and tell us what you think in the comments below)


The video was produced by the accomplished and masterful Scott, aka IPANEMIC who’s eye and creativity we truly admire.

7 thoughts on “Miamism Video – a Miami Beach Real Estate Perspective

  1. Ines,

    This is a great video! I’ve never been to Miami but this is a lot like how I imagined it would be. The video does a great job of capturing the atmosphere and lifestyle. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Every day, I’m out there preaching to Realtors about the power of full motion video to help them sell themselves, their cities, and their real estate. You guys are a perfect example of what you can produce with a little practice (I saw how many video’s you’ve done on YouTube). Congrats to you – The video is great! I wanna move there!

  3. Hi Josh,
    There are many faces to Miami, this is one of them…and captured beautifully by @ipanemic – thank you!!

    Steve- luckily, I love video and have tons of fun with it. This was our first attempt at having something professionally produced and we couldn’t be happier. (and totally agree about the power of full motion video)

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