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A common question we get asked is, “how’s business?”.  Depending on my mood, I go into detail, but always question if people ask as a formality and maybe don’t want to hear details.  The question made me look back at our production in the 14+ years we’ve been in business and made me realize that we do better when the market is down.  We do better during a struggling market because people trust us.  It’s easy to do business when the market is hot, but when things get hairy, you need someone on your side that will be aggressive, that will know the ins and outs of negotiating and  will ALWAYS represent your best interest.  Here’s an article about us in from 2011.

And in case you are wondering – technology has changed a great deal in 7 years!! We use some of the tools from Gene’s article but we are always on top of the latest and greatest tech that will help not only our business, but our clients.

If you have not yet read the article written by Gene Marks of about, you should!!  << yes, that would be called a shameless plug, but we’re allowed once in a while, no?

Home Sales Down? Not For This Realtor

After writing the article in, Gene was interviewed by 69News and had additional great information to share because our practices here in Miamism can apply to any small business.

Technology-Driven Success For Business Owners

Gene compares house hunting in 1998 when he bought his home, to house hunting in 2011 and tells the viewers that we “get it”!  Any small business needs to use technology to expand their business, to build a community and keep customers close.  Here’s how we do it and how you can do it too:

  • Our website is a blog, not just a regular website
  • Miamism is interactive and a community based type of website
  • Find a passion within your field and be committed
  • write short entries (blog articles), for those that like to scan and write often
  • our “passion” entries are a bit longer, like our articles about historic Miami homes
  • We write about Miami itself, not just real estate
  • Our website is our blog and vice-versa
  • We integrate social media sites into our blog

Gene goes on to say that because real estate is a consumer related business, it is key to get involved in Social Media like we do, and link those to our site.

We also use smart phones (iPhone) for real-time interaction with you, the consumer, because we all want a response NOW! (nothing like immediate gratification).

And finally, Miamism will be included in Gene Mark’s 2012 update of his book, “In God We Trust: Everyone Else Pays Cash”.

The book is a compilation of Gene’s columns for Forbes, New York Times and Business Week and we are soon to be amongst celebs like Kim Kardashian and Paris Histon … not bad!

Additional Note:  In case you are curious about who interviews us and what media outlet writes about us, check out the “About” page on the top menu bar, and see all articles with MIAMISM IN THE NEWS.

**originally published on June 8, 2011

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  1. Ines,

    This is awesome and inspirational ! Building a brand through the Internet via blogging and a great website and utilizing social media is what it is ALL about. Connecting and engaging with consumers is huge. There is so much opportunity for those that “get it”. You guys certainly get it and it is awesome to see that you are getting this attention. Rock on and blog on !


  2. FABUOUS! Just went over and watched the interview…Kudos to you! I must say I wish I had a client/friend like Gene. All these yaars are paying off. Proud as punch of you!!

  3. Thanks Gena – I loved how they identified me as a “friend” but truth be told….he just interviewed me 😉

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