Mojito Review – Gallo’s Seafood – Philadelphia, PA

Mojito Review

Gallo’s Seafood Restaurant
8101 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19152
Phone: (215) 333-0484

**OK OK….It’s not Miami….but couldn’t pass the opportunity to do something fun with Jeff Turner, aka respres.  And for the record, I would have given it a one (short glass, too much rum, not enough sugar or mint and not even muddled correctly – but the bartender was super nice)**

6 thoughts on “Mojito Review – Gallo’s Seafood – Philadelphia, PA

  1. Did T just say she had a martini? in writing? The world is slowly becoming a better place

  2. In retrospect, it was really a 1 that turned into a 2 after I “fixed” it. My trips back to the bar did allow me to share the Miamism secret recipe with the bartender and she assured me she’d be stepping up her game in the future. So… all was not lost. 🙂

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