Mojito Review – Sagamore Hotel – South Beach

Mojito Review

Sagamore Hotel
1671 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 535-8088

6 thoughts on “Mojito Review – Sagamore Hotel – South Beach

  1. Count on it! Rick and I were saying that last night (the one at the Shore Club a few doors down was $20 and Rick gave it a 1…..wait for that review)

  2. Excellent! Ok…so, clearly lunch at the car wash this week was slumming it, Ines. You look completely at home reclining on a Sagamore chaise. The only things missing were a candelabra and a faithful man servant. Can’t wait for the next installment of Miamism Mojito Madness. Where will it be? Private jet? Sir Richard Branson’s island?

  3. no no no Ken – I LOVED my car wash lunch – good looking men, great food and even better conversation (and yes I was comfy in that Sagamore Chaise, maybe I need one of my own)

  4. thanks Mariana – they are a lot of fun and makes me feel like I’m doing investigative work

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