NAR opens eyes to blogging by chatgpt

NAR is opening their eyes to blogging

I don’t know about you, but it feels good when I open a random article by NAR and actually know who they are talking about. Although they are covering Inman’s Real Estate Connect (it only seems right), it was great that Brian Brady and Dustin Luther were featured. They are 2 good guys that I look up to and like their style.


Take a look at the article:

Bloggers Debate Best Way to Attract Consumers

They both present interesting strategies for blogging successfully and although there is no right or wrong way, I do think it’s up to your own particular style to decide how aggressive you want your blog to be.

I agree with both, and I’m usually not the wishy-washy type, but I do think you can reach a happy medium between their suggestions.

Dustin’s method:

“soft marketing” approach to blogging. Start a blog, write about topics you know about and are interested in, and people with similar interests will find you and your business will grow

Brian’s method:

putting calls to action in every blog post and every e-mail sent to potential clients. Calls to action include directing readers to your Web site, giving them a link to find mortgage rates or to search an MLS

I have to admit that the “call to action” on every single post bothers me, but the call to action in the general blog with listings and MLS search does not. I comes back to the idea that each consumer will be different, and your own personality needs to be reflected in your marketing strategy.

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