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Narc Alert! Dont’ get snagged by traffic light camera

This is a public service to our readers – there is a camera at the traffic light located on Pines Boulevard and Flamingo. I’m usually good about going through orange and not red…..but obviously got snagged and had to pay a $129 fine.  At least was featured nicely.

This has been a public service alert, one focused on public safety (wink wink)

6 thoughts on “Narc Alert! Dont’ get snagged by traffic light camera

  1. What the city of pines is not telling us is that as per contract with the installers/owners of said cameras a good portion of every tickect goes to a co in CANADA. Somebody should make this contract public.

  2. Any way to verify that information Abraham? If it is true I agree that it should be made public

  3. Ines,

    Was taking a look at your blog and wanted to drop some knowledge sine we battle the cameras in Chicago as well. I fully back this product and it has saved me from many a ticket.

    Hope it helps, and feel free to send all monies not wasted on tickets to my Cayman Islands Acct!

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