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UPDATE: New remaining inventory as of August 12, 2013 – please see bottom of this article and contact us to schedule appointment at or by calling Ines directly at 305-206-9366

NINE45 Jefferson Townhomes or 945 Jefferson Townhomes

Brand New Miami Beach condo project in the smack center of South Beach.  they are actually townhomes because they are 3 stories with the third story being an incredible sky loft that opens to 2 roof terraces with awesome views of South Beach.  The project is located just South of Flamingo Park on Jefferson and it’s literally walking distance to the beach, to Alton Road and everything in South Beach. The best part is that is has covered parking!! No more driving around trying to find on-street parking in South Beach.  Each residence comes with one parking spot and you have the option of buying an additional one for $25,000  *see below* (and that’s cheap! considering parking is a commodity in SoBe). The project only has 7 residences with the front and back ones being the best ones with more light, and the 5 interior ones, sandwiched in between, a bit less desirable, but still great investments.  They are priced between $450,000 and $525,000 *see below – and the monthly maintenance is low at .40 cents (see pricing below as well) per square foot.  Here are photos I took of the interiors: The residences come finished with Italian ceramic flooring with leather finish, baseboards, painted, Bosch stainless steel appliances, granite counters, impact resistant windows and doors and window treatments and closets!  You do have the option of buying them furnished as well for a bit more – with Bobby Berk Home and Crate & Barrel furniture. The beauty of a small project like this is that there are no condo restrictions.  If you are buying as a vacation property or second home, you don’t have rental restrictions and can rent as many times as you want during the year can do 6 month rentals (as many as 2 rentals per year). There are also no pet restrictions and you have a dog park near by. And now to my honest opinion – I loved the front unit because of the light and would buy it furnished at their $545,000 *see below – asking price because it was perfect.  They are not big by any means and the sets of stairs could get a bit old after climbing them a few times per day (but at least you would stay in shape).  The project is great for vacationers, for people that like to be in the middle of  the action and love clean, simple spaces.  The interior units are a bit dark, but honestly, great distribution and still a great price for new construction in the area.  The adjacent buildings are not pretty at all, but that comes with the territory, the impact windows should block out the occasional loud fight from a neighbor or loud music from obnoxious teen.  It is South Beach after all…. and starting at $450k!!*see new price list below –  I definitely endorse this one. πŸ™‚ Call me to schedule an appointment Remember our team is ready to help you with your Nine45 Condo Purchase or sale and of course surrounding condos as well. Call us for details 305.758.2323 or

NINE45 Available Inventory – August 2013

Unit 102 – 1,213 sq ft – 360 sq ft roof and terrace – 2 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms – $532,500 ($517 monthly maintenance) Unit 104 – 1,197 sq ft – 360 sq ft roof and terrace – 2 bedrooms / 2.5 bahrooms – $525,000 (510 monthly maintenance) unit 105 – 1,207 sq ft – 360 sq ft roof and terrace – 2 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms – $530,500 ($514 monthly maintenance) unit 106 – 1,213 sq ft – 360 sq ft roof and terrace – 2 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms – $532,500 ($517 monthly maintenance) unit 107 – 1,257 sq ft – 403 sq ft roof and terrace – 2 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms – $560,000 ($535 monthly maintenance) *All units come with one parking space – additional parking space available for $40,000 *original from june 22,2011

4 thoughts on “NINE45 Jefferson Townhomes – South Beach Condos

  1. Hello. I just moved from Sunny Isles Beach to SoBe. I really like your development. I would like to know if you are renting any of the units at Nine45 Jefferson. I am ready to proceed with a 3 year lease. I am looking for a brand new unit ready to move in. It can be furnished or unfurnished. I am a banking executive and my firm will handle the lease. I have numerous references, stellar credit and long standing banking relationships. I am not looking to purchase. Please let me know.
    Alexander N. Katsabanis

  2. You wrote: “If you are buying as a vacation property or second home, you don’t have rental restrictions and can rent as many times as you want during the year.”

    Really??? Well let’s see, there are hotel taxes to deal with if that is true, oh, and did you mention that there is a 6 month and 1 day rental restriction for properties in the Flamingo Park Historic District?

    For the past two years I have gotten a letter from the City of Miami Beach that states: “As a courtesy, we are reminding property owners of residential units within the Flamingo Park Residential Distract that, unless previously approved with the appropriate Business Tax Receipt (BTR) and Certificate of Use (CU), the transient use / short-term (less than six (6) months and one (1) day) rental of your unit, shall be deemed illegal and a zoning violation.”

    Why do realtors always promote “hotel” use as some sort of income generator … to entice buyers in to becoming landlords (illegally in some cases, or cheaters and liars to the other owners of a building) which it turns out it is not so easy to be a landlord let alone a one unit hotel operator while in NYC as your “guests” trash the place or steal everything. Invest in a hotel or apartment building before ever running it yourself. I have seen horror story after horror story from long distant landlords (and of course their neighbors).

    I actually would consider buying one of these units (I’m an all cash buyer type of guy) and have followed this project a bit. But not if they are being marketed as “hotel rooms” with all the headaches of living in a development that is not mostly owner-occupied. Who would want the headaches of living in that hell? Been there, done that, not again. Who is going to be in charge of the common areas? One responsible owner doing the work for all seven units? Or worse, no one and the building sadly goes down hill?

    You can’t find seven buyers that would be owner-occupied and make great neighbors??? Seriously?!?! This place has potential, but not if it is being marketed as essentially “hotel rooms”… Just my (strong) opinion.

  3. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the correction, the article was written in 2011 and rental restrictions have since changed and made the correction to the article. The property is no being marketed as a hotel property and the minimum leases ARE 6 months or maximum of 2 per year.

    And for the record, not only do we like “strong” opinions, we encourage them. We visit developments and trust the information provided by the developers and it’s only through research and consumer comments that we get to the bottom of some of the information.

    Once again, thank you for reading and staying on top of it.

  4. Technically, minimum lease is six months + one day. A six month lease is a violation. So you can ALMOST lease twice in one year (actually one year and two days).

    The Flamingo Park district covers a large area and it is good to have more stability in the area (in my opinion).

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