Not Another Social Network!

It’s funny how our reactions have changed from a few months ago when we receive an invitation to a new social network. I had to share this with you because I am still laughing, but I will keep the identities of the perpetrators private unless they want to come out in the open and confess.

I heard about a new social network on Twitter called and I decided to go check it out. Once I saw it was a PR7 site plus good things were being said, I decided to invite some people to check it out as well. This is when the fun began….without mentioning any names, these are the e-mails I received:

  • Do I have to? What’s it all about?
  • Did you actually send this invite to me or it is one of those virus’s going around?
  • I’m already on there, but I can’t find you. (this one, came with no surprise and happens to be from someone who is EVERYWHERE!, can you guess who?)
  • A video message thanking me (that was really cool btw)
  • Recently you sent me an invitation to a social networking site (I think that’s what it is, I’m not sure). I’m kinda maxed out on more of these kind of sites. I am lagging behind with Facebook, mostly ignore Linked In, Twitter rarely and am hardly on Active Rain even. So I don’t dare join another group. (But I am curious – what was that?)
  • Not another social network!
  • Where do you find the time?

What do you think? Have we reached the peak of social media? The dynamic has certainly changed. I personally don’t mind setting up a profile and checking these sites out, although I have been known to zap a lot of them because I see no benefit whatsoever.

**please note that I know NOTHING about and I have not spent enough time there to give you a good review, so feel free to give me your opinion**

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