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Obstacle Course Showings

These are not for the light of heart. There is a disclosure to wear comfortable shoes and the listing agent will not be responsible for torn clothing in case you must climb chain-link fences or be chased by angry dogs. Don’t ever go alone and 3 people are preferable in order to watch each other’s backs and to stand watch.


I went to a showing this weekend where the lockbox was placed inside the building in a stairwell. It wasn’t difficult enough to find the stairwell and the lockbox but the front door to the building was locked and the agent expected prospects to wait by the front door until someone exited.

practical joke

My customer was as cool as they get and we ventured into finding another way into the building. A garage gate was open, we sneaked into the pool area and stood in place on all 3 exits of the building until someone opened a door. Am I the only one that thinks this is RIDICULOUS?? The whole experience was so surreal that once we were inside the condo unit we expected it to be booby-trapped and were afraid to go in…..or maybe there were hidden cameras and we were going to appear in one of those “practical joke” reality shows.

The unit was nice – but after all that it doesn’t matter if they were giving it away, we were psychologically drained!!

So remember……Obstacle courses and Real Estate Showings don’t mix!! (unless you are into that kind of thing…which would technically make you a FREAK)

** originally written on AgentGenius.com **

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