Perfectionist – To be or not to be

I have recently been accused of being a perfectionist and had to do one of those “head to the side with a puzzled look” stances.   So this prompted me to do a little soul searching to figure out whether this is a good or a bad trait to have.

Before I continue, this is the dictionary’s definition of Perfectionist: Unabridged (v 1.1) – Cite This Source per·fec·tion·ist  – [per-fek-shuh-nist] -noun
1. a person who adheres to or believes in perfectionism.
2. a person who demands perfection of himself, herself, or others.


3. of, pertaining to, or distinguished by perfection or perfectionism.

Everyone that has ever known me, including my husband, my kids my whole family, my friends and Miami real estate customers know this is true and have learned to expect “perfection” from me.  I have very high standards for everything I produce, services I provide, as well as services provided to me.

I do admit that this could be borderline tedious for a lot of people, but it is who I am.  Take it or leave it!

Since this is a business blog, I thought it would be appropriate to identify examples of my perfectionism with the hopes someone will jump out and say……you are nuts… are irrational……go get your head examined…….or NOT.

DISCLAIMER:  I strive for perfection, but I have come to the realization that because I am human, perfection is not always possible (and I am OK with that).

  • I am always on time – if by any chance I am not, I will call and let the party know (I think this is a sign of respect as well).
  • I will be present at every showing with my real estate customers and will not expect them to go without me (unless requested).
  • I will abide by everything my real estate customers request level of perfectionof me unless unreasonable and I will let them know.
  • I will communicate on a regular basis by e-mail, telephone and in writing (no process in a listing or closing will ever be miscommunicated).
  • I follow up with everything I do until it is completed to my standards.
  • When I start something, I always finish it.
  • Anything I produce, marketing, drawings, sketches, letters, ads, print quality…….will be to the highest standards.  (you will never see a black and white, poor quality brochure in front of our listings).
  • I live by the motto:  “If you cannot do it right, don’t do it.”

I do admit that some people consider my thinking a little rigid, but tell me…..if you were looking for someone to represent you, wouldn’t you want someone who strives for perfection?  Or would you be happy with mediocrity?  and by the way….that word makes my stomach turn.  Any opinions?

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