Preparing for Hurricane Season 2020

It’s that time of the year again and it’s crucial for you to prepare your home early for what may possibly be an active weather season.  Fortunately, Miami-Dade provides a comprehensive guide for hurricane readiness.

Remember that Hurricane Season is from June 1 to November 30th and you need to have a plan for before, during and after a storm.

  • Before a Hurricane – in addition to preparing your home, boat, business and personal property, you also need to have an emergency plan in place. 
  • During a Hurricane – monitoring, emergency kit and disaster supplies need to be ready
  • After a Hurricane – from recovery, to mosquitoes, damage reporting and safety

Please start with developing a hurricane plan and don’t wait until a hurricane is upon us:

  • Meet with your family to discuss dangers and what to do in case of an emergency
  • Determine if you live in an evacuation zone
  • protect your valuables, cars, boat, etc.
  • check roofs, doors and windows
  • make arrangement for those who have special needs
  • make arrangements for special supplies and medications
  • gather supplies
  • plan for your pets

Hurricane Types

And lastly, let’s revive an old hurricane preparedness post that identifies different types of hurricane people.  Which one are you?

  • The overachiever or HURRICATIONIST:  ready with hurricane prevention everything before the season even starts.  They have extra batteries and water, special radio allocated for hurricane related news, numbered shutters, extra gasoline, tests generator every 3 months all year-long …. you get the idea.
  • The hurricane alarmist – the one that calls everyone and their mother at the sign of the first red spot on the Atlantic Ocean to make sure they are ready.  They will usually start making everyone go get supplies and start putting shutters up when the media first mentions the word “storm.”
  • The hurricane pragmatic – we love hurricane pragmatics.  They are sensible and realistic.  They get supplies without alarm, they offer their help to neighbors and seem to have a third sense about the reality of a hurricane approaching or not.
  • The hurricane questioner – this is the person that keeps asking, should we prepare? should we secure things? what if Publix is packed?  What if there’s a line at the gas station?
  • The hurricane opportunist – this is the one that decides to take a vacation at every mention of a hurricane approaching.  Why make your life miserable by worrying?  Just leave and avoid the mess.
  • The hurricane wishy-washy – you know who you are – you put up partial shutters, fill up only one car with gas, buy a couple of gallons of water and keep telling yourself that it will not come your way. (It has worked for you for years, why change now?)
  • The hurricane second handed – this is the person who has a loved one that will make all of the hurricane decisions.  They will not even watch the news and leave the worrying to someone else.  They will help if asked, but will not contribute any opinion to the cause.
  • The hurricane last minuter – the one that makes the world go on anxiety medication because they decide to secure the property when hurricane winds have already started.

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