Racism in Fisher Island – who’s the victim?

Fisher island was currently found to be the wealthiest zip code in the country according to Forbes. Workers on the island have placed a complaint alleging racism and poor working conditions. Let’s be fair now, Fisher Island IS an exclusive community, residents do pay $250,000 for an equity membership, and not to mention their yearly and monthly fees. This does not give them the right to be rude or racist, but we do know how a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

The allegations are:

  • if the workers arrive late to the Ferry, they cannot go into their air conditioned cabin and must ride (the five minute ride), under a canopy.
  • there are rude people in the island (welcome to humanity).
  • Their $10/hour wages cannot afford them a home in South Florida (nor will a $20/hour wage, welcome to Miami).
  • They cannot speak their native language at times (which means there are ignorant people in this world….again…..welcome to humanity).

I travel to the island as a Realtor and have to tell you that residents have a special “residents’ lane” which is loaded first on the ferry (I would expect that if I was a resident there). I always have to go through security and leave my ID (safety measures are well thought out…..would also expect that if I lived there). I don’t know what the workers’ goal is here but it seems to me that we need to look at both sides of the story.

Reading “RACISM” makes my skin crawl, but we really need to scrutinize the situation and make sure the really rich are not the victim here, just because they have money.

Take a look at the video prepared by the workers and judge for yourself.

Check out NBC6’s coverage – Fisher Island Workers Claim Discrimination, Abuse.

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