Real Estate Reggaeton Style

What can we learn from sticky music like Reggaeton and “La Gasolina“?

Most of you reading this will go…..Huh?? What’s Reggaeton? What’s “La Gasolina” – so of course I have to relate to my local market and if you ever party in Miami…’ll hear La Gasolina.

People will know the words and everyone will dance, no matter the age. Similar to La Macarena or The Electric Slide.

Last night, our own Genius Lani mentioned in Twitter that we can learn a lot from music videos:

“remember, music videos are artistic- get inspiration for your marketing by watching music videos like this about 21 hours ago from twhirl

So whether you are into classical or country…..or whatever. Feel inspired, get into the music and make your marketing stick! Make it memorable……get the boring out and have some fun (people will remember fun).

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