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Real Estate Videos 101

bad videos Real Estate Videos 101

I was Twittering away when Jeff Turner mentioned Into and I HAD to share this with you. I’ve been dying to do real estate videos but I am petrified because first, I don’t know what I’m doing – second, I can’t talk on camera – third, my editing skills suck.Into is up there in my list – Rachel Natalie Klein looks like someone I could hang out with and it doesn’t hurt that she is a former on-air reporter and the camera loves her. So Rachel, come down to Miami and we will have a great time!

To the point at hand. Take a look at this video that tears some real estate videos apart – Best of the Bad.
We can sit there and laugh about them, or take the constructive criticism. (now I am really afraid to attempt the video thing) although Rick does well in camera.

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