Road Construction Nightmare – will it ever end?

I don’t know if to laugh or cry every time I try to go somewhere in Miami. Everywhere you look there’s road construction.

It has been going on for some time now  (a couple of years) and think that a lot of us are already getting used to  it…… NOT!!!


Look Familiar?


It’s ironic how the media is being so negative about a “possible recession” in South Florida and how small businesses are suffering.

How could they NOT be suffering if you can’t even get to them?

I guess you can see that I’m venting here, but it’s getting out of hand!  What I don’t get is how these projects are coordinated because most of the time you don’t even see workers.  Wouldn’t it make sense to not start tearing up roads before other projects are finished?


And now, to top it off, they tore up the front of my house and my front yard to install new water mains.

You can hear it everywhere, “Give yourself extra time to reach your destination, don’t forget about the road construction!”…..yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m done venting!

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