Roost Interview: Ines on Social Media

I am so psyched to be sharing this interview with you.  So many times you ask me about social media and how unconventional our marketing is compared to the “traditional Miami Realtor” – you feel comfortable contacting us and feel you know us through our blog, facebook, twitter, etc.

The truth is that we still use traditional and typical Realtor marketing techniques as well, but we are also considered innovators within the industry because we like to think outside the box.  This interview by Roost’s own Derek Overbey (@doverbey on Twitter), gives you a feel for what others in the industry feel about us and what the Miamism Mojito hype is all about!

This is what Derek has to say:

Ines Hegedus-Garcia is one of the most active real estate agents in social media today. Whether she’s writing a post on her blog, tweeting her self silly on Twitter or poking everyone over on Facebook, Ines sees the value in social media and knows it works. We get some insight into why being yourself while participating in social media might just be the best plan yet. Join us for a conversation with this awesome lady and find out how you can make a mojito your social object.


Thank you for the amazing interview Derek!  A mojito on us next time I see you 🙂

15 thoughts on “Roost Interview: Ines on Social Media

  1. The pleasure was all mine Ines. I hope you realize what an awesome lady you are and how much I truly value our friendship. I have learned so much from you. Especially the part about being yourself. Others can really learn from your “what your see is what you get” approach to social networking.


  2. You are QUICK my friend! that was seconds from publish to comment…..very impressed (great “reputation management”!). You have a “people gift” Derek…I am honored to be your friend, and should we add THANKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA 😀

  3. Diana – you are so sweet, thank you! When are we getting together for coffee? haven’t seen you in a while

  4. Actually I moved from the Hollywood office and now with Design District so I will be at DD more often. I will contact you, see you soon =D

  5. awesome!!! I’m at the DD often (although Rick more than me) – let’s have lunch at Michael’s….one of my fave restaurants

  6. great interview Ines. Congrats on all your success; and hope to do some more deals in the future. 🙂

  7. Thanks Josh! I have no doubts that we will – love working with good people

  8. I love how informative this interview is, Ines, about social media. Plus, it’s just always great to see you in action. I learned and smiled all the way through.

  9. Hey Ken! what a gift, woke up this morning with A Ritch and Ken message back to back….my day is complete! seriously 🙂 We have to sit down and talk strategy when you guys come for the brrrrr…winter

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