#Runningmanchallenge by City of Miami Police Department

It’s not often we see all of South Florida’s Police Forces and Fire Departments join in some fun. So we HAD to share this crazy meme that’s going viral. It started off with Miami Beach Police, was followed by the Miami Beach Fire Department and then cleverly answered and killed by The City of Miami Police Department, who we now learn has a vlog. (go follow) Let’s keep our eyes open for who follows the #runningmanchallenge – (it starts at 5:35).  City of Miami Police has challenged President Barack Obama! Have a great weekend!  We gotta love our local police and fire departments!! Here are links for other police/fire depts taking the #Runningmanchallenge

  • Miami Beach PD

  • Miami Beach Fire Department

  • Fort Lauderdale Police Department

  • Delray Beach Police Department

  • Broward Sheriff’s Office

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