Spam for the Soul

I received this e-mail yesterday and it made me laugh so hard I had to share it with you (you know I don’t do selfish).  No commentary necessary, just read, and enjoy (I’ve removed  the name of the sender to protect the not so innocent and made some parts BOLD just to stress humor).

I was doing some “homework” online and one of your active listings caught my attention and I stopped my search to write you this email.

There’s something about your listings that tells me you’re not like the rest of the agents out there. Most of the other agents I’ve searched give me uneasy feeling on how they handle business.

There’s something that tells me you’re someone people trust.

I’m not trying to stroke your ego here, just doing my job and giving credit where credit is due.

I spend a lot of time scouring sites like, KW, and RE/MAX for agents doing note worthy things as part of a research project that’s working to solve the #1 problem agents face, “generation closable leads”.

From what I’ve just seen you’ve got it down better than most, and wanted to share that insight with you, so keep it up, but if I may make one small critique based off my knowledge of other successful agents…

I’d increase your online social media presence, it really only takes 20-30 mins a day more to boost it through channels like Twitter, FaceBook, Blogging.

There’s a burgeoning group of Realtors using this stuff to pull ahead as most other agents are letting the economy drag them down.

40 year old agent like (name removed), GRI, whose the 2009 President of the (name removed) Assn, of Realtors is closing a deal a week from almost all from “cost-less” word of mouth and social media marketing.

Since you seem open to new ideas, I’ll share with you a few great resources and people I trust to learn from this stuff from like MyTechOpinion, ActiveRain, and

Actually here’s the link to a fantastic f-r-e-e eBook/report which let’s you bypass the frustration others agents go through when tackling this subject.

This should get you rolling.

(link removed)
Well I’m glad I stumbled upon your listing, glad I got the chance to share these thoughts with you and hope you find my comments and suggestions helpful.

I have to get going, back to the task at hand, keep up the good work!


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