Staycations for Miamians

We have written a few articles on where Miamians vacation and this article from the Miami Herald was super timely.

Miami Staycations

The good news is that we can get great deals for staycations so make sure you ask local hotels/spas if they have specials for locals. The Herald explains that there are more staycation deals than ever before because of all the turmoil in Latin America and Europe.

Staycaytioning — taking a vacation close to home — isn’t new. But this year, a confluence of geopolitical, social and economic factors have South Florida hoteliers on watch.

Nearly every hotel in South Florida is offering some kind of staycation offer during the summer. Many include discounted room rates, valet parking and breakfast. Attractions are also slicing prices, such as Fort Lauderdale’s two-for-one deals across multiple venues. Add in long-popular theme-month specials in Miami-Dade and Broward counties on spas and restaurant meals, and local businesses hope would-be travelers will find enough reason to spend at least some of their vacation dollars in South Florida.

And these staycations are not just for Miamians. Rolando Aedo, chief marketing officer at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, says that,

The U.S. traveler who may have gone to Latin America or other regions will choose other destinations, and Miami has a strong Latin American flavor so if that domestic traveler wants to experience a very cosmopolitan city and that removed some countries off their list, that gives us more opportunity to attract that


Miami Summer Promotions (and Ft. Lauderdale)

Among summer promotions, you will find:

Time to spend some vacation dollars locally!! Not only will you help local economy, but also your pocket.  Make sure to tell us of any great specials you find.

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