Stop the tricks and get real!

Before I start this, I want to tell you that I am not, in any which way or form, criticizing my broker. But I wanted to share an e-mail that I received today that left me in shock. Am I over reacting? <sigh>

“Despite weakness in the housing market, Realtors continue to close transactions. Real estate professionals have several strategies to weather the downturn, but most recognize a need to return to the basics of selling property. They look their best all the time, maintain a positive outlook about their local markets and place phone calls to secure new business. They talk about their jobs with anyone. An agent with so and so brokerage (I removed the name because that’s really not important), for instance,puts his name-tag on slightly crooked and discusses real estate with whatever person lets him know to straighten it. Additionally, he added his picture to his business card, takes training courses and ensures that his contact database is updated. Most importantly, practitioners understand that building a client relationship based on trust is crucial and requires them to tell the truth about a particular home or market.”

The bottom line is that If you have to resort to “tricks” to get people to engage you, get out of the business! RUN!! What kind of “client relationship” are you establishing if you have to con people into straightening your name-tag? I’m still absolutely appalled – oh! and do people still wear name-tags?

I’m hoping this article came from a long time ago, before the whole topic of “transparency”, of establishing honest dialogue, of opening ourselves to potential customers. I am truly embarrassed for this guy – go ahead and HIT ME if you don’t agree.

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