Sub-zero service is questionable

Rick and I are the first ones to advertise top of the line appliances in our listings (from Miami Beach to Miami Shores), whether Sub-zero, Miele, Wolf, Bosch, Viking.  As an architect, top of the line appliances are a must, not only for aesthetics and prestige but because they are supposed to be superior.  Top of the line appliances cost a lot more than regular appliances and you expect superior customer service from the makers.

I’m about to give you bad news, if you are a die-hard Sub-zero fan you may not want to read this…..proceed at your own risk.


I convinced a client to install a Sub-zero refrigerator in a vacation apartment in Aventura that only gets used two months out of the year.  The refrigerator cost 4x’s as much as a regular refrigerator, but I talked about re-sale value of the apartment, about “elite appliance status” (if it would ever exist), about superior customer service.  Well… I have my tail between my legs because Sub-zero has managed to make me look horrible in the eyes of my customer and I am sure they wished they did not listen to me.

They are vacationing in Miami and when they arrived they found that the refrigerator was not cooling.  They called the Sub-zero authorized dealer and have to wait 8-10 days for the refrigerator to be fixed.  The parts are on back-order, the service company does not return calls, they have scheduled a repair day and have had to cancel.  In all my years dealing with customer service, I have NEVER heard of worse treatment from an authorized service dealer.   Here’s the sequence of events:

  • Monday – call Sub-zero to get authorized dealer numbers
  • Monday – schedule appointment for Tuesday service
  • Tuesday – service repair man says Condenser Fan Motor and Evaporator Coils need to be replaced and he will place order the next day (why they waste a whole day is beyond me).
  • Wednesday – service company does not return phone calls to see if parts were ordered
  • Thursday AM – service company has not returned 4 phone calls
  • Thursday PM – service company calls that repair will cost $800+
  • Thursday PM – customer leaves message for service company saying “please expedite parts, yes go ahead with repair”
  • Friday AM – no return call from service company – customer decides to call Sub-zero directly
  • Friday AM – Sub-zero apologizes and tells customer they will not charge the $800 and will check with service company
  • Friday PM – service company calls to say parts are on back order and will take 8-10 days to arrive
  • Friday PM – customer calls Sub-zero and Sub-zero agrees to overnight parts to service company, they will receive by Monday and will do repair Tuesday
  • Friday PM -service company confirms that they will receive part on Monday and have scheduled repair for Tuesday
  • Monday PM – service company calls and says that if they don’t receive part, they will call to reschedule service.
  • Tuesday AM – customer calls service company and leaves message
  • Tuesday AM – customer calls service company again and they inform the customer that the part was never received (they failed to call the customer to inform him)
  • Tue day AM – customer calls Sub-zero and Sub-zero verifies that service company did receive part on Monday and calls service company for them to schedule service same day
  • Tuesday PM – service company calls to say they just received the part (I guess FedEx tracking lied about delivery) and service would be scheduled Wednesday.

So here we are over a week later and the refrigerator is still not working.  All this aggravation for someone that has a vacation condo in Miami and is here visiting for a couple of weeks.  I am beyond embarrassed and will not recommend Sub-zero again.  This is what Sub-Zero uses in their marketing brochures:

“At Sub-Zero we’re committed to having the best warranty and service in the business.

If that’s considered the best service, I would hate to know what the worst service is.  In this age of technology it is inconceivable that it would take so long to repair a refrigerator from a maker that is prestigious in the public’s eye.

3 thoughts on “Sub-zero service is questionable

  1. Hey! The same thing has been happening in California. We only have access to one company to service ALL of Orange County! If you don’t like this company, that’s too bad. There is no other choice! We have to wait for the “service of the future”. Yeah, the very, very, very, very distant future…

  2. Tere, thanks for the comment….now we know why Sub-Zero is no longer the only counter depth refrigerator now….other companies blow them away when it comes to customer service and repairs

  3. These are very old postings but I felt I should reply to them. We are the Service of the Future company in Dade and Broward counties. I have no idea what company was contacted for the service in 2007 but I can assure the proceedure is much different now. Since June of 2008 the service on Subzero appliances has improved greatly. Of course, hiccups do happen but Subzero customers are given the top priority in Dade and Broward Counties.

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