Howard Herring – President and Chief Executive Officer of the New World Symphony

The selling of a private home is fraught with potential problems. The first challenge is setting the price. The process of showing a house can be disorganized. Engagement with potential buyers can engender mistrust. In fielding offers and structuring negotiations, the real estate agent must listen carefully to understand the motives and insecurities of both seller and buyer. The goals of buyer and seller are often misaligned, leaving the real estate agent to define and hold the common ground that leads to a sale. The deal must be brought into a written document that finalizes terms. In the selling of my house, Ines Hegedus was skillful, efficient, thoughtful, and resourceful throughout the transaction. She was one step ahead of all the problems mentioned above. She proved to be a true professional in all the categories. I recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone who is seeking to sell or purchase a property.