Marian Schaffer/Terry Molnar – The Schaffer Realty Group

Our firm is out of Chicago. We have clients from all over the world come to us for help looking for the ideal property in the southeast US. We are very knowledgeable about almost all of the southeast but decided a long time ago not to try and become the micro-level expert on every area. We spent a long time sifting through realtors in key markets like Miami and we have decided to refer all of our Miami business to Rick and Ines.

Rick and Ines are truly fine people with strong convictions about their market and I believe having worked with hundreds of realtors across the country – Rick and Ines should be high on your list of considerations for a broker. By the way, there is nothing in it for us (yes we do get a referral fee when we fee them a client), this is straight from the heart.