Thanksgiving Challenge from Miami

Just because it is Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean it is the only time of the year we need to recognize how fortunate and blessed we are.  We are all thankful for something, whether it’s your family, your friends, your health, your pets, your community………

This Thanksgiving Holiday I challenge you not only to recognize what you are thankful for, but to give a little of yourselves in order for others to be thankful for you.  When I say “give”, it can be by giving money or time to a charitable organization; volunteering at a shelter, nursing home or school – give to others that are less fortunate than you.

Jeff and Rocky Turner are a great example of what giving is all about.  Please take a look at the following links and I hope you are inspired by what they do the same way that many others are, including yours truly.

  • Stop Child Slavery
  • Please remember that it’s important to give in order to receive.  In the words of  Wayne Dyer,

    “see the world as an abundant, providing, friendly place…….become as generous to the world with your abundance as it is to you…..develop an attitude of gratitude for all that manifests into your life”

    Best wishes for you and yours this Thanksgiving Holiday from Miamism!

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