Is there an “L” on my forehead?

I showed 3 properties yesterday to buyer customers who have been looking for some time, are in no rush to buy and know they have the upper hand in this market. These customers are professionals, they are educated, use all the tools available to them on the Internet and are waiting for that right house at the right price.

These customers also understand the inner workings of real estate and how important it is to work with a Realtor that knows the area, has an established relationship with other agents and will be honest with them about their choices. This is what happened at the last showing. Remember that most showings in Miami are “listing agent must accompany” and very seldom will a house be on lock box (unless it’s vacant, or it’s a non-local agent).

When we were done looking at the property, the listing agent handed me 5 property flyers with his contact information and decided to explain that those other properties may also fit my customers’ needs. Without being rude, I took the flyers and walked outside with my customers.

I did not even have to say a word, the customers looked at me with a puzzled look and went off without pause,

“Is this guy for real?

I bet his contact information is all over those flyers!

Does he honestly believe he understands our needs better than our own agent?

Does he think we don’t know how to look for properties on the web?

What kind of service is he doing to his seller if he’s handing out other listing information when we’re looking at this particular house?”.

Oh how I wish all my customers were this vocal, all I could do was laugh. So when you have one of those “Is there an “L” on my forehead?” moments, remember that today’s consumer DOES notice.

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