Throwback Thursday – Best Closing Gift #TBT

Throwback Thursday brings us to an amazing closing gift we received from a client.  What makes this special is that we are the ones doing the giving at closing time.  A great testimonial is all we ask for, but back in 2007, the very talented Sara Rytteke surprised us with a gift we continue to cherish (and remains on a prominent wall in our office). Here’s what we had to say in 2007:

Yesterday we received a closing gift from a customer, is that the best thing you have ever heard?

I have written a couple of posts about our experience with Sara and she even commented on the posts.  When you think of the best gift and the best compliment you can get from a real estate customer the first thing that comes to mind is LOYALTY.  Well… Sara has been loyal from the get go, she has referred us business, and she has become our friend. Team Miamism by Swedish photographer Sara Rytteke

We started off listing her Bay Harbor Islands condo and being that she is a very talented photographer, she asked if she could photograph her own place.  So that’s when it started – smart and helpful. We set up her criteria in the Multiple Listing Service so she could receive e-mails directly and she not only drove by every property before wanting to see it, but would pull up tax information and was very well-informed about each property before even seeing it.  So she became – Smart, helpful and an educated consumer. We stuck by us through a rough real estate market and even referred business our way.  Sara was then – Smart, helpful, an educated consumer AND loyal.

>Yesterday we finally closed on her new house and she brought us a closing gift that I will cherish forever.  The photograph is based on a study with Barbie Dolls and female identity as influenced by the media. You can see Swedish born Sara on the balcony of her home with her Miami Realtors RICK & INES, cell phones and all and their real estate sign.  Isnt’ that AWESOME! Please visit Sara’s website at – Sara is the epitome of the perfect miami real estate customer….and Sara, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!


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  1. of course I’m reading this… : )
    …although I really stopped by to check if you had reviewed the mojitos at the restaurant I’m going to tonight, Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar. I’ll let you know if I have one.

    1. We sort of ran out of places to review, haha! please let me know if you tasted their mojito!!

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