The Today Show illustrates Wacky Real Estate Tactics

Are Miami Beach Real Estate Sellers just as desperate as the rest of the country? From Feng Shui to Smudging even Voodoo kits……if you think these are desperate moves, think again! I got an e-mail from our client Ken De Loreto saying:

There’s a story on the ‘Today Show’ this morning about the lengths to which some Realtors are going to sell property. Crystals, smudge sticks, etc. Crazy times. I’m sure you have found more helpful techniques.

Well Ken… first, thank you for the blog fodder (that’s blog talk for “an idea to use on your blog”). I hope my answer does not disappoint you, but it’s been subject to a lot of controversy here in Miami and other places. In my opinion, you don’t have to believe in Feng Shui or Smudging or even in St. Joseph. But doing any of those so called “crazy things” may open you up to actually selling your property.

WSVN Channel 7 actually interviewed me and a client earlier this year about the ritual of burying a St. Joseph Statue to help the sale of your Miami Beach real estate – unfortunately, they cut me out of the interview the very last minute because my opinion may not have been necessarily what they wanted to hear. Here’s a recap:

In the case of sellers, we encounter that a lot of the time there
are emotional blocks where subconsciously a seller does not really want
to sell their home; whether it’s because of priceless memories that the
home holds or simply because they dread having to pack and move and to
find a new place. (I know this may be a bit far fetched for “the

The actual ritual of buying and burying the statue can help break
the emotional block, and ultimately make the house more welcoming to prospective buyers.

And when all else fails….hire a good Miami Realtor – one that will be honest about the price, condition of your property and gives you realistic expectations about the Miami & Miami Beach Real Estate Markets as well as promotes and advertises your property aggressively and gives you top notch service. (you may not have to look very hard – ahem).

**and Ken….thank you….you know you ROCK!!**

6 thoughts on “The Today Show illustrates Wacky Real Estate Tactics

  1. Perhaps lenders should contact the “Smudging” lady to have investors get rid of their bad energy with her candles and bells. That way investors could be more open to negotiating loan mods or short sales…….maybe

    Or perhaps using some of those gimmicks on (qualified) buyers so they can get off the fence…..maybe

    It is true that a lot of real estate transactions are based on emotions therefore making these gimmicks somewhat more practical. However, more savvy buyers will make their decision with their wallets not just their hearts.

  2. I have a guy right now who is as close to in love with a property as a buyer can get but he won’t pull the trigger because 4 other buyers have fallen out on the property. It’s for his daughter and now he told me he’s become suspicious and paranoid. Personally, I think the house brings in bad energy for some reason, thankfully my superstitions aren’t material facts. 😉 It’s been foreclosed upon, broken in to and vandalized and most recently some other agent turned the water on and flooded the place ruining the carpet. (I’m sure they were checking to see if something worked, but they should have left it like they found it) I’m thinking about having it smudged and see if I can get this guy off the fence…after all how many truly qualified buyers do you get in this market?

  3. Ney – remember these rituals are being performed by sellers, not buyers …… emotions are a key ingredient in selling a property especially when you have lived there a while and have attachments. But you may be into something there, maybe lenders and investors should be doing a little smudging of their own! 🙂

    Valerie, smudge away!!! The house may be sad and in need of a little love – I believe in energy (some people think it’s crazy, but I do). It’s the perfect opportunity for your client to get a good buy!

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