What I Learned at NARLANDO

Something I realized…

A few people have asked me what I learned at the NAR Convention this past weekend and after much thought, I realized that I went to the convention without the intention of learning.

I know, I know……pretty shallow

I program my brain to gain something from every experience and the goal of Narlando was to see my on-line friends, to have fun and to do some F2F interaction.  That part was a success and was lucky that Rick decided to join me and people actually verified he is real.

But how could I walk away from The National Association of Realtors Convention without learning?  That would make me brain dead, to say the least.

So here are 8 things I learned at NARLANDO:

  • Twitter people – or Tweople are REAL!!!  we met a few that introduced themselves with their Twitter name (Thank God or I wouldn’t have known who they were)
  • It would be sooo easy to kidnap Social Media Gurus
  • A couple of few pitchers of Mojitos can make white guys dance!
  • Social Media applications can make people really anti-social
  • Hilary Marsh, bka @hilarymarsh,  from Realtor.org is a real, live human being (with a great sense of humor, I may add)
  • put some creative real estate blogging minds together and they can plot some crazy ideas – like making @MrMiamism twitter….on Wednesdays!
  • If you bug Teresa Boardman enough she may come back at you with a

Bite Me!

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