Whose Voice is it Anyway?

When blogging we hear so much about “finding your voice“.  The good ladies of the rain, TLW, Mariana Wagner, Ann Cummings, Monika McGillicuddy, and Carole Cohen, all wrote about it when we reviewed books here in Active Rain like Realty Blogging, by Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney and alsoThe Weblog Handbook by Rebecca Blood.

We hear about “finding your voice” from Project Blogger Judges, from other bloggers….it seems that the VOICE subject is everywhere.  So I decided to do a little investigating to see what’s the big deal about THE VOICE, and here’s what I have to say.

blogging voice

can be caustic, it can be controversial, it can be regarded as “syrupy”, it can even be overbearing.  The whole concept of “finding your voice” is simple, it’s about feeling comfortable with your writing, it’s about letting the words flow just like you were having a conversation, it’s even about dropping our formal writing training and having some fun.

The most important aspect about your voice is who your audience is – if you can figure out who you are talking to, then it will be easy to know what tone to use.  In our daily life the way we talk to our child’s school principal is different than the way we talk to our Yoga instructor – same applies here.  We also have different moods and may be aggressive, happy, sad….depends on the day, depends on the situation.

For those of you who have a blog, you are probably finding out that your voice will be different depending who you write for.  If you have a personal blog you voice will be different than the voice you use in a business or real estate blog.
So what’s my point with all this?

We are all different, we all have different personalities.  Our blog should reflect that.  It is your choice to be controversial, it is your choice to be sweet and expose personal sides of you.  The opinion people will have of your so called “voice” will be subjective, some will like it some will not.  Just keep at it and focus on who is listening, and if it starts becoming a chore, you are doing something wrong.  It is easier to redirect that voice to a different audience than to try to change your personality.

My voice here in Miamism is me – 100% unadultorated ines!

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